A minimal wallet that does work: Wally Sleeve & Bifold

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There have been a lot of wallet projects on Kickstarter. So many projects actually, that I’ve started ignoring them. But Wally proves me wrong, it can be done better. And let me tell you why.

For over a year I’ve owned the Slim Wallet by Supr Good Co, and I love it. But, there is one big problem, when you have about 10 cards it becomes hard to get the cards out. And the cards are easily destroyed in the process. I’ve had several cards where the plastic of the cards started peeling off.

Wally Sleeve & Bifold solve this problem. There is an easy pull tab to get the cards out, up to 6 cards or 10 business cards in the Sleeve. The Bifold offers double that amount, and also has a clip for some cash.

Wally Sleeve & Bidfold also has a stretchgoal at $10k to make a leather version of both products. They will easily reach this goal, according to Kicktraq they are trending towards $70k.


For me, the Wally Sleeve & Bifold is the next evolutionary step for the minimal wallets. Can’t wait to get them in my pocket.

Want the Wally Sleeve or Bifold? Go to Kickstarter